#Airbnb continues to rip-off poor communities

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Flanked by cameras, the activists marched into the glossy lobby of the downtown building and demanded to speak to the general manager.

The Olive Street building, they argued, had been approved by the city as condominiums and then turned into an “illegal hotel.” The website for Level Furnished Living advertises luxury suites that rent for hundreds of dollars a night. After a string of people recounted their housing woes, they handed over a letter for company executives.

“They need to know that they’re operating illegally,” said Susan Hunter, an L.A. Tenants Union activist clad in a red shirt urging “Universal Rent Control Now.”

But the company that owns the downtown tower says it has every right to rent out its rooms to travelers, thanks to a little-known provision in city law.

Los Angeles Times

One comment

  1. Tenants Union activist clad in a RED shirt urging “Universal Rent Control Now.”

    These are NOT concerned citizens.. these are far left Communist acitivists.. The RED Tee is the dead giveaway for these dirtbags.. Rent Control is part of Commuist Party USA’s agenda to attract fellow travelers.. AirBud ain’t done anything wrong exept have very good business plan that the local commies don’t like.. How’s that Rent Control working in San Fran Comrade.. unaffordable Apartments. !!


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