#Democrats scramble to divert the public’s attention from sex crimes

Screenshot 2017-11-26 at 07.15.18It’s not Charlie Rose parading naked in front of young female employees, or Rep. John Conyers firing a woman who wouldn’t have sex with him, or Roy Moore in his 30s cruising the mall for teenage girls that should be at the top of the American outrage list — disgusting as all those alleged actions are.

The real issue we need to deal with is the overarching, fundamental absence of equality for women in America.

So there’s a solid underpinning of societal discrimination behind the thousand indignities, little and big, that women have to deal with to this day. The shortage of women running the show, the pay inequities, the unequal distribution of child-raising responsibilities — America has come by these things not by accident, but by design.

San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#Democrats scramble to divert the public’s attention from sex crimes

  1. OK.. More fake news.. Mooore NEVER cruised the Mall for chicks.. The Mall manager said publicly that Moore was never banned,.. thats the Fake News media trying to divert attention from 24 + Perv DemoRats and their donors. The big news is that so far, 90% of the perv’s are ALL demoRats and their politcal donors.. This is after these dirtbags have been lecturing America for decades about women and their rights… RIGHT !!!!!


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