#Millennials made bad choices, now they want everyone else to pay

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Millennials have been called entitled, narcissistic and coddled. But perhaps the defining characteristic of my generation is indebtedness.

Some 42 percent of Millennials, notably those from 18 to 29 years old, report some level of student loan debt. If the indebted individuals formed a political party, the membership would eclipse the percentage of Millennials who identify as Democrats or Republicans.

What’s more, if the more than 31 million indebted Millennials formed a state, only California would have a larger population.

This enormous amount of debt shapes Millennials’ everyday decisions and jeopardizes the financial future of our generation and nation. Unfortunately, things may get even worse.

San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#Millennials made bad choices, now they want everyone else to pay

  1. Not only have they made terrible choices of taking classes and getting useless degee’s in Underwater Basket Weaving and the degree is worthles. They have been voting in droves for the DemoRats Party’s FAR Left Socialsit Canidates and those bad choices in voting have led to a decade of really bad leftist political hacks who have destroyed the econmy, society and our culture.. It’s time to take America back and make Amerioca great again .. !!1 MAGA !!!


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