Someday #Equifax might actually be punished

Screenshot 2017-11-26 at 07.07.54The man behind the effort to start that conversation is a San Francisco real estate developer who started thinking a lot about the issue after a cocktail party conversation with a tech engineer.

“He said, ‘If people just knew how much we knew about them, they’d be really worried,’” Alastair Mactaggart recalled of that chat with the engineer.

Some two years later, Mactaggart is poised to spend enough of his own money to ask Californians to consider a sweeping 2018 ballot measure that could shift the balance of power over data sharing to consumers and punish businesses that don’t toe the line.

The initiative that he’s introduced, now being circulated for voter signatures, would make two major changes to California law and perhaps set a powerful precedent in the national debate over consumer privacy.

Los Angeles Times



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