White people having a meltdown

Screenshot 2017-11-26 at 07.31.13

Only one thing can save the Republicans from themselves: the Democrats. Although they have shown remarkable unity as part of the anti-Trump resistance, the Democrats themselves suffer deep-seated divisions. Most critically they are moving left at a time when more voters seek something more in the middle. Certainly this progressive tilt has done little to reverse their own declining popularity; public approval of the party has sunk to the lowest levels in a quarter century.

Orange County Register


One thought on “White people having a meltdown

  1. Bingo.. Tony the Jackel, Newsom,, and Leon are ALL far left Socialist / Communist supporting Dem’s and they’re the only game in the Rusting State of Kaly, you can expect to see Kaly go even further into the toilet after Jerry is done screwing the middle class. There’s no choice in Kaly..Leave while your property is still very valuable.


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