No one cares about the #CaGOP candidates for governor

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The two top GOP candidates for governor will meet for their first debate in the Inland Empire just after New Year’s Day.

The world yawns.

Assemblyman Travis Allen and businessman John Cox will face off on Jan. 4 at a gathering of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, said John Berry, a spokesman for the group.

The 90-minute debate will take place at the Mill Creek Cattle Company restaurant in Mentone and is open to the public.

Polling shows that they have little support from California voters. Allen was backed by 15% of voters who plan to cast ballots in the June primary, while Cox received the support of more than 11%, behind the top Democrats running for the seat, according to a recent USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.


Los Angeles Times


One thought on “No one cares about the #CaGOP candidates for governor

  1. When you have the choice of either Tony the Jackel and Gavie Newsom then I’d start to look serioulsy at the Repubs.. The two Demorats are well known thiefs who regualry steal public monies while they were in office and ARE in office. With prop 14 in effect, you don’t have to worry about these two GOP guys being on the ballot.. You WILL have two DEM’s and no other choice.. Welcome to the new Soviet Union on the west coast. To be honest. I’d simpy not vote in the election so my mind won’t be troubled when those two losers finally drive whats left of Kaly over the cliff. You can see the traffic jam now as cars with middle class families flee these two followers of Marx.. You get the government you vote for. !! MAGA !!! Kalyfornia = Cultural communism and Institutional Socialism..


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