Sacramento officials talk a good game but in the end, ignore gun violence

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In late August, the city of Sacramento faced a crisis: Gun violence in certain neighborhoods seemed out of control.

The police department was investigating five open gun-related homicides, and 13 people in the city had died from gunshots during the year. The latest incident was a drive-by shooting in Meadowview, linked to an online battle of insults between local rap artists with gang ties. It quickly became the breaking point in a summer of bloodshed. Community activists and city leaders stood in the park where the shooting happened and agreed on one thing: What was being done to stop gun crime wasn’t effective.

Sacramento’s City Council called a special meeting on Aug. 29 and unanimously voted to approve a three-year, $1.5 million contract for Advance Peace, a controversial mentoring and intervention approach to curbing gun violence that was pioneered in Richmond, Calif.

Nearly three months later, the city’s contract with Advance Peace is in limbo, gun violence continues and the organization is considering going elsewhere.

Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Sacramento officials talk a good game but in the end, ignore gun violence

  1. Advance Peace
    This is the assinine idea that you can PAY thugs to NOT KILL..Who in Hades is running the asylum folks.. It sure looks like jerry and his thug legislature massive draconian gun control crap is a total failure aong with Advance Peace who is stealing taxpayers monies with this crackpot idea ofpahying killers not to .. well,.. kill !!


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