Another sex criminal surfaces from the ranks of the Leftist elites

Screenshot 2017-11-28 at 08.34.50Gary Goddard, the producer and theme park attraction designer, is taking a leave of absence from the company he founded amid allegations that he sexually assaulted minors.

The Goddard Group, a North Hollywood entertainment design company, announced late Monday that Goddard’s duties will be assumed by Taylor Jeffs, the company’s director of design.

Goddard is stepping back to allow the company and its employees to “continue their projects undistracted by recent allegations made against him,” Chief Operating Officer Barry Kemper said in a statement.

Anthony Edwards, a now 55-year-old actor whose television credits include 14 years on “ER,” alleged in an essay published on Medium on Nov. 10 that Goddard molested him before the age of 14 and raped his best friend, whom he did not name. A week later, former actor Bret Douglas Nighman backed Edwards’ account.


Los Angeles Times


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