#GarrisonKeillor fingered as a sex pervert

Screenshot 2017-11-29 at 13.56.55Garrison Keillor, the former host of the weekly radio show “A Prairie Home Companion,” has been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over alleged improper behavior.

In a statement, MPR said it would stop distributing “The Writer’s Almanac,” a daily five-minute show featuring poetry and literary anecdotes. It will also change the name of “A Prairie Home Companion,” now hosted by Chris Thile, and cease rebroadcasts of shows hosted by Keillor.

In its statement, MPR said it learned last month of an allegation regarding behavior that occurred while Keillor was the host of “A Prairie Home Companion.” Keillor retired from the show in 2016. The station hired outside counsel to conduct an investigation, which is ongoing.

Jon McTaggart, the president of MPR, said in the statement that he decided to sever all ties with Keillor’s companies.

Keillor for his part, doesn’t think he or is pal Al Franken, have done anything wrong.





One thought on “#GarrisonKeillor fingered as a sex pervert

  1. This creep and his fellow creep Franken from Minn both think they haven’t done anything wrong.. Thats the problem. DemoRats who think that groping and attacking women is OK..


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