California Legislature continues to protect sex criminals

Screenshot 2017-11-28 at 08.49.56

If enough male predators were forced to pay with their careers, their wallets and their reputations — really pay — there’d be more of them keeping their mouths shut and their hands off.

At least they’d stop to think twice.

This is especially true of politicians whose careers depend on their public images. To stay employed, after all, they must compete in popularity contests.

In other high-profile fields — entertainment, media — alleged harassers recently have been getting fired soon after victims went public with accusations.

In politics, the creeps normally can be fired only by voters. That must wait until the next election. Meanwhile, the political system usually does its best to stall token in-house investigations and cover up any embarrassing findings. Culprits too often aren’t revealed. And victims frequently lose their jobs.

Los Angeles Times


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