#AntonioVillaraigosa takes the right approach regarding the state budget

Screenshot 2017-12-01 at 07.24.59Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Thursday continued to distance himself from the Democratic left — and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom — with a pledge to take on unions and other interest groups if he is elected governor next year.

“I was a fiscally prudent mayor and had to say no to a lot of people who didn’t like it,” he told about 75 people at a wide-ranging talk at the University Club of Palo Alto about children’s issues. Being governor “is not a job where you want to be the most popular person. It’s where you have to make hard decisions.”

Villaraigosa, a former labor organizer and onetime Assembly speaker, found that his efforts to cut government costs in Los Angeles and reorganize the city’s schools made him plenty of enemies among public workers and education unions.

“We have to acknowledge that there are limits” to what a city — or a state — can afford to do, he said. “The next governor has to lead. If pensions aren’t sustainable, if budgets aren’t sustainable, we have to make changes so they are sustainable.”

Villaraigosa didn’t back away from that view when he was challenged by child-care workers about what they said were the low wages they typically receive.

The former mayor was sympathetic but declined to make any promises.

People “value their kids and must value the people who take care of their kids,” he said, but warned that any changes have to be “within the confines of the budget.”

San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#AntonioVillaraigosa takes the right approach regarding the state budget

  1. You really don’t have any choices in this coming election.. No GOP canidate will surrive past Prop 14’s primary cut off.. ANOTHER labor / community organizer who says that he will fight the Unions.. REALLY.. hahahahah
    They don’t call him Tony the jackel for nothing folks.. He was banging a Spanish TV reporter like a screen door in the wind and got caught.. That will come back to catch him in todays HYPER- chrged sex scandles.. The fact is thats he’s a far ltft democrat and they LIE for a living.. Kalyfornia is screwed.. Get out before Newsom or this creep get the reins of power.


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