Like the rest of the nation, President #Trump outraged over #Steinle verdict

Screenshot 2017-11-30 at 17.18.11

Expressing the absolute outrage shared by the rest of America, and angry President Trump lashed out in multiple tweets against the acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate on murder and manslaughter charges.

The President said he blamed the “weakly protected Obama border” for the “travesty of justice” and demanded “BUILD THE WALL!”

“The Schumer/Pelosi Democrats are so weak on Crime that they will pay a big price in the 2018 and 2020 Elections,” Trump wrote in another tweet.

Trump, who spoke about the case often during the campaign, lamented that the jury was not told of Garcia Zarate’s prior felony record. The Mexican national with multiple convictions had been deported five times; he was free at the time of the shooting after local prosecutors decided not to press charges against him in a marijuana possession case and did not turn him over to immigration officials.

San Diego Union-Tribune


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