Senate begins investigation into #AlFranken’s sex crimes

Screenshot 2017-12-01 at 07.45.26As allegations of sexual misconduct against powerful lawmakers roil Congress, a Senate ethics panel is opening a preliminary inquiry into Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

Five women in the last two weeks have accused the Democrat of misconduct in years past.

Senators on the bipartisan ethics panel say in a statement that they are aware of the allegations and are opening the inquiry into Franken’s alleged misconduct.

Franken still denies he did anything wrong.

San Jose Mercury News


One thought on “Senate begins investigation into #AlFranken’s sex crimes

  1. It’s ANOTHER dog and pony show folks.. ZIP will happen to the Perv.. They do ethic investigations as a show..Frakensytein in the end will get a slap, lie somemore on the camara saying he’s learned his lesson and off he goes.. Unless they toss his scrawney butt OUT, he’s still going to be there. DemoRats have to be dragged from power either dead or in chains.. .. Ha ain’t going to be tossed..


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