Feckless Westlake Realty Group evicts scores of Bay Area seniors

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When 94-year-old Emma Magnuson moved into her room at an assisted living facility this year, she figured she would stay there for the rest of her life.

Instead, with the holidays fast approaching, Magnuson and the 80 other seniors who live in Atria Chateau Gardens in Willow Glen have suddenly learned they will soon be out of a home.

The center is closing its doors after landlord Westlake Realty Group refused to renew its lease, according to Atria, and indicated there are new — and perhaps more profitable — plans for the two-story building in a quiet, residential neighborhood.


Now Magnuson and her neighbors — some of whom have dementia — and their families will have to search for new homes in a market where options are notoriously expensive and limited. Their plight highlights the unforgiving nature of the Bay Area’s red-hot real estate market, where the ravenous demand for housing and development can lead to the displacement of vulnerable people.

Westlake executives did not respond to calls and emails seeking comment Friday. The company, a San Mateo-based property management business that owns real estate throughout the Bay Area, has not said publicly what it intends to do with the Atria building after the elderly residents move out.

East Bay Times


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