President #Trump tells the #UN America will set it’s own immigration policy

Screenshot 2017-12-03 at 09.40.48The United States notified the United Nations that it will no longer take part in the global compact on migration, saying it undermines the nation’s sovereignty.

The US has been a part of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants since it was formed last year. The declaration aims to ensure the rights of migrants, help them resettle and provide them with access to education and jobs.

It calls for the negotiation of a global compact on migration, which is expected to be adopted next year.

Many security experts tell that international efforts like this are nothing more than vehicles used by Islamics to enter the United States in order to commit atrocities like the Boston bombing, the San Bernardino and Orlando shootings, and most recently the New York truck killings.

In explaining its withdrawal Saturday, the US said the pact contains provisions that are inconsistent with the nation’s immigration policies.

The withdrawal comes days before a global conference on migration that starts Monday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.



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