Democrats cynically fight for deductibility to preserve California’s high tax rates

Screenshot 2017-12-07 at 09.03.04The GOP’s tax overhaul would be “absolutely devastating” for California’s efforts to house its low-income residents, Assemblyman David Chiu said Wednesday, speaking from an affordable apartment building that couldn’t have been built without the tax provisions Republicans are seeking to eliminate.

As lawmakers in Washington rush to finalize their tax reform plan, Chiu’s comments underscore what housing advocates have been saying for weeks: the bill will be a major blow to California at a time when the state is experiencing a historic shortage of homes for low-income families.

To highlight the real-world implications of the proposal, Chiu, a San Francisco Democrat, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, voiced their concerns from inside a Mercy Housing development in San Francisco that houses 150 low-income families — one-third of whom used to be homeless.

It’s never occurred to Chiu or Rendon to lower California’s tax rates.

East Bay Times


One thought on “Democrats cynically fight for deductibility to preserve California’s high tax rates

  1. Spot On.. They don’t want the rubes who are being used as an ATM machine to wake up and start realizing that the cost of Socialism that Jerry and hs Marxist thugs have bee running, would now be clearly seen for what it is.. A massive corrupt demoRat ripped off to pay their minority voters to vote for them. They might actually start demanding that jerry and gavin lower their taxes.. Thats would be a death blow to the Cultural communism and government approverd Socialsim that is tearing Kaly apart and creating the new west coast Venezulawa..


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