#Escondido cops shake-down Feds for 250K

Screenshot 2017-12-07 at 08.52.48A willingness to cooperate with federal authorities on immigration enforcement was a big driver in determining which local law enforcement agencies would get a slice of $98 million in federal funding to hire additional officers. It is a move that aligns federal dollars with the Trump administration’s tough immigration agenda.

Regular people would call this a shake-down.

The Escondido Police Department was the only local agency on the list of 179 nationwide to make the cut this year with an award of $250,000 — enough to pay for two additional full-time officers for three years.

A police spokesman said the city has not officially accepted the award and it would be premature to discuss details.

In its announcement last week, the U.S. Department of Justice said 80 percent of the recipients of the Community Oriented Policing Services grant have agreed to cooperate with federal authorities in detention facilities when it comes to immigration enforcement — including providing access to immigration officers to interview non-citizen inmates and advance notice of an immigrant’s release from local custody.

San Diego Union-Tribune


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