#Leftists rush to help #Islamic terrorists, defend honor killings

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The Supreme Court on Monday again weighed in on President Trump’s executive action restricting travel from certain Muslim-majority countries, allowing the most recent (and third) iteration of his order on the topic to go into effect temporarily while the lower courts consider it.

Leftists continue to freak-out.

No matter the stage of litigation, however, the legal and public debate will likely continue to focus on whether controversial comments by the president relating to the travel orders yet absent from the text nonetheless render them improper forms of religious discrimination.

According to the violent Left-wing in America, there is no need to look beyond the documents themselves to be troubled on that front. For although Muslims are nowhere referred to by name, the orders appear to make them their object in a particularly misplaced and inflammatory way: in their curious call for a study on “so-called ‘honor killings’” in the United States.

You see, honor-killings are just fine with Leftists.

San Francisco Chronicle


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