#CNN lied about #Trump emails

a;lsdkjfasdlfjTalk about fake news.

In a Friday morning report that has now been debunked, CNN claimed that President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and others in the Trump organization received a decryption key and web address for hacked WikiLeaks documents in a September 2016 email obtained by congressional investigators.

CNN claimed that the email, allegedly described by multiple sources and verified by Trump Jr.’s attorney, was sent two months after WikiLeaks published hacked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails and one month before Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails were made public. However, the story has now been shown to be riddled with errors. In reality, the email was sent Sept. 14, 2016, one day after WikiLeaks publicly released a batch of stolen emails, not Sept. 4 like CNN originally claimed.

Daily Caller



One thought on “#CNN lied about #Trump emails

  1. The entire SCAM is coming apart.. The fake Mueller invertigation with mulitple Hilda supporters & mega donors on Herr Muellers sting Ops, setting up General Flynn in a trap, A Rabidly anti Trump FBI agent who is a deep cover mole for Hilda. The Assit to Herr Mjueller attending hilads President Party before it was learned that Trump had won and the best… 3 stories in one week that blew up in the fake media faces , which exposed them for who they are… MAGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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