Rapist #BrockTurner’s new trial request creates more chaos

Screenshot 2017-12-08 at 07.19.56.pngA New Jersey garage band has added its own politically inspired pop piece — “F— Brock Turner,” an incongruously catchy ditty given its incendiary title and cruel lyrics: “You’re the definition of scum; Get stepped on like old gum; I hope your face gets kicked in.”

Yes, it’s about the former Stanford University swimmer who spent only three months in jail after being convicted last year of sexually assaulting an unconscious, intoxicated woman. The outrage has spurred a well-financed recall campaign against the Santa Clara County Superior Court judge in the case, Judge Aaron Persky. If supporters gather enough signatures — as expected — and a legal effort to block the recall fails, the judge will face voters in June.

The song surfaced this week after recall leader and Stanford law professor, Michele Dauber urged her Twitter followers to “enjoy” it. That led a leading Persky supporter to raise strong objections, noting the song brands Turner a “monster,” and expresses hope he will throw himself off a cliff.

“It’s truly deplorable,” said retired Santa Clara County judge LaDoris Cordell. “I think that the fact that a Stanford law professor who teaches undergraduates and who blatantly and vigorously endorses violence against a young man who is exercising his constitutional right to appeal his conviction is highly disturbing and totally inappropriate.”

Mercury News


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