Sex criminal #AlFranken hasn’t resigned from the U.S. Senate, he should be expelled…today!

Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 13.30.31

Feckless Senator Al Franken, D-Minnesota, said he would resign as senator “in the coming weeks” after it became painfully obvious to his Senate colleagues that he’s a rampaging sex criminal.

So in actuality, he’s staying in the U.S Senate. Resigning means leaving, now. Which is what this hideous sex criminal should do.

Franken has never once said he’s sorry…his recent dramatic appearance on the Senate floor clearly illustrates that he isn’t.

Senators on both sides if the aisle should expel Franken today.



One comment

  1. The dirty secret of this creep is that he has NO intension of EVER resigning.. He’s waiting to see what happens with the Alabama race.. he ain’t going anywhere soon. All he did was say what a great guy he is and take cheap shots at President Trump


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