Texans mock burning California

Screenshot 2017-12-08 at 07.32.54As wildfires burned in Southern California, scorching thousands of acres and destroying hundreds of homes, a politician from the Lone Star state posted a picture of an cartoon state of Texas grinning and kicking California in its nether regions. He was trying to whip up Texas conservatives against left coast liberals.

“Hey California, heard a picture is worth a thousand words. TEXAS Let’s see if it’s also worth a 1,000+LIKES…” State Representative Pat Fallon said on his campaign’s Facebook page Wednesday.

After Hurricane Harvey flooded parts of Texas in August, California sent search and rescue teams to assist. Fallon’s home, Denton County, like Southern California, is currently experiencing dry conditions and high winds — prime variables for a wildfire — and is under a burn ban.

After the timing of his post was criticized, Fallon fought back against his detractors and said he had no clue about the fires.

San Diego Union-Tribune


One thought on “Texans mock burning California

  1. Kalyfornia is the butt of so many jokes nowadays , it’s hard to keep up with all of them,.. It’s a good question.. WHY , under the distatorship of Comrade Brown is Kaly buring down for the 2nd time in 3 months and disintergrating into the new Venezualwa.


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