Breaking News: Phony #Conservatives back pro-abortion, pro-tax, anti-family #Leftist #DougJones

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Stand Up Republic, a 501(c)4 group co-founded by former independent anti-Trump presidential candidate Evan McMullin, is spending $500,000 on digital and TV ads that ask Alabama conservatives to reject Republican nominee Roy Moore’s Senate bid.

In two 30-second spots, the group presents Moore as an unacceptable choice for conservatives – so basically they’ve endorsed pro-abortion, pro-tax, anti-family Leftist Doug Jones.

Likewise, feckless Leftist Republican Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) has thrown his support behind the Democrat facing down the embattled Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama special election next week.

The Republican senator, who’s retiring at the end of his term in 2018, tweeted a picture of a check written out to Democratic candidate Doug Jones’s campaign.

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One thought on “Breaking News: Phony #Conservatives back pro-abortion, pro-tax, anti-family #Leftist #DougJones

  1. The SWAMP is throwing the kitchen sink at Moore and Trump folks. This group and the Marine write-in are ALL products of the Swamp. Mitchie is desperate to stop Moore. They know that a real conservative firebrand is going to finally start passing bills that will end Swamp control and return it to the People.. Moore is going to win.


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