#ChelseaHandler’s viscous #bodyshaming attack on White House press secretary #SarahSanders

Screenshot 2017-12-09 at 13.18.34Comedian Chelsea Handler promoted a fake makeup tutorial video for her Netflix show which compares White House press secretary Sarah Sanders’ face to a “big, fat biscuit” that resembles a man’s.

Fortune Feimster, a comedy writer, plays Sanders and shows how to apply makeup, step by step.

As she picked up her bottle of foundation, she compared the beauty product to America’s founders.

“This is foundation and just like the foundation of America, it’s Republican, it’s strong, and it’s white,” she said.

The video, posted Thursday, received backlash on social media.

Washington Examiner


One comment

  1. Maybe this demoRat HACK should move to the Congo were her nice blue eyes and dyed blonde hair will instantly IID her as a white woman and she can experience the wonders of how non white races treat white women.. She be begging to come back and live in America which was set up by the white founders.


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