#LibbySchaaf continues to screw #Oakand workers, #SEIU

Screenshot 2017-12-09 at 10.21.50.pngMayor Libby Schaaf declared an impasse in negotiations with SEIU on Friday afternoon, and asked the union negotiating team to join the city in mediation.

Rob Szykowny, the SEIU’s chief negotiator, said Friday night it would also seek to enter mediation on Monday.

“We reached out to city negotiators to select a mutually agreeable mediator, despite the mayor’s decision to prematurely declare (an) impasse in negotiations,” Szykowny said. “But, city workers are committed to pursuing every avenue to ensure that Mayor Schaaf addresses the challenges facing Oakland workers and families.”

Mercury News


One thought on “#LibbySchaaf continues to screw #Oakand workers, #SEIU

  1. Libby is a communist folks. Her predecessor kept a picture of Chairman Mao on the wall. This loser kept it up and continues to run Oakland as a mini Venezuela.. Now the SIEU which has strong background in communism is demanding a payback.. They’ll win and you can expect a nice new tax hike to go with their contract.


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