#Leftists slam Governor Brown on California oil production

Screenshot 2017-12-11 at 07.04.06After touting California’s climate leadership to the world at the United Nations climate conference in Germany, Gov. Jerry Brown addressed a home crowd last week at the ClimateTECH conference in San Francisco.

However, just as in Germany, demonstrators gathered with banners denouncing the governor’s oil-friendly policies. Many of these activists are from the communities hardest hit by oil and gas operations in our state.

That raises a critical question: How badly does Brown’s support for oil production mar California’s climate leadership? To answer that, the Center for Biological Diversity recently analyzed oil production in the Golden State to determine how dirty and climate-damaging crude production really is.

The results are deeply troubling.

San Francisco Examiner


One thought on “#Leftists slam Governor Brown on California oil production

  1. PLEASE KALY .. do it.. STOP ALL oil production and we can then breathlessly watch the final act of economic destruction that will bring Kaly to it’s knee’s. The Crazies all drove to protest Brown. Even Moonbeam knows that oil is the life blood of any country or state.


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