#Elitemedia defends New York bomber, attacks President #Trump instead

Screenshot 2017-12-12 at 08.26.39President Donald Trump’s top spokeswoman stood her ground against the elite media during a tense briefing Monday. The press corps wanted to know about resurfaced sexual misconduct accusations against the president. Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wanted to talk about Democrats’ hand in a New York City bombing attack and news media’s loose relationships with facts.

The White House largely declined Monday to discuss sexual misconduct allegations against Trump dredged up anew by a television interview with three accusers. Instead, Sanders teed up on the attacker arrested by New York police Monday morning. She said 27-year-old bomber Akayed Ullah would never have been here without Democrats’ support for so-called “chain migration,” a term used by immigration hard-liners to refer to how new U.S. citizens can petition to sponsor family members to immigrate to the country.

Clearly to the elite media, attacking President Trump is much more important than reporting on killer Islamics who roam our streets.

East Bay Times


One thought on “#Elitemedia defends New York bomber, attacks President #Trump instead

  1. Between chain migration and the ” Lottery System” that allowed the OTHER NYC killer in that was dreamed up by chuckie Shummie, this has to stop.. Europe is in a tailspin over unlimited muslim migration and they now have zones were the police do not enter unless heavily armed.. We don’t need that here in America.. Stop chain migration and a Merit system like President Trump has proposed is now mandatory.


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