New California gun restrictions are great news for violent criminals

Screenshot 2017-12-12 at 09.32.31.pngCalifornia’s more than 6 million gun owners are going to see new restrictions in 2018 stemming from sweeping regulations lawmakers and voters have approved over the past two years.

That’s great news for violent criminals. More restrictions on law abiding gun owners means the work done by criminals will be much easier in the new year.

Many gun owners say they’re unsure about new rules regulating where they can buy ammunition, what classifies as an assault rifle and whether it’s still legal to own high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Criminals don’t have that problem because by definition they don’t follow the law.

Fresno Bee


One thought on “New California gun restrictions are great news for violent criminals

  1. AND.. the gunowners will NOT be obeying Jerry and his thugs laws to disarm them. last time they banned guns and such in the early 90’s. about 10% complied and turned themselves in with registaring their legaly bought arms.. With these draconian laws that serve no other purpose than disarmament, the civil disobedience will be mucho LESS.. 5% I ‘ve talked to many shooters at the ranges in Kaly while traveling they have said that the DemoRAts can go pound sand. When Jerry signs a bill that removes added jail time for criminals who use guns in comittiing crimes, and then trys to ban all firearms in general by making ammo almost impossible to get, you can see the black market for ammo starting. By the way, Kaly shooters for the last 4 years have been buying about 1.2 MILLION firearms a year. There aren’t any restrictions on reloading your own ammo YET !!.. thats next..


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