Sex crimes cost Dems their #supermajority…for a while

Screenshot 2017-12-12 at 08.32.28.pngCalifornia Democrats will be without a supermajority in the Assembly for months and risk losing the two-thirds edge needed to pass tax and fee increases in the Senate.

When lawmakers return in January, they will have two vacant Assembly seats that won’t be filled until at least April after Los Angeles members resigned amid sexual misconduct allegations.

In the Senate, a member in a competitive district is facing a recall over his support for a gas tax increase and another could face pressure to resign depending on the results of a misconduct allegation.

Supermajorities were needed this year to pass the gas tax increase and reauthorize the cap-and-trade program. Passing a budget only requires a simple majority.

East Bay Times


One thought on “Sex crimes cost Dems their #supermajority…for a while

  1. The demoRat super majorites have wrecked destruction on Kaly. Assinine bills that Moonbean signs that cost us more freedom and grows an incompetent state into a monster that is crushing eveything it touches Now,.. maybe some common sense can be brought to an totally out of control Socialsit legislature and 60’s govenor who can’t say no to the insanity that has ruined Kalyfornia as a leader.


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