Sex criminal vs. #Leftist: Who will #Alabama voters pick?

Screenshot 2017-12-12 at 08.05.51Roy Moore and Doug Jones scrambled Monday to stake their final claims in Alabama’s cliffhanger of a U.S. Senate race.

Moore, who largely disappeared from public view after being accused of sexual misconduct, resurfaced for an election eve rally with Stephen K. Bannon, a political advisor to President Trump, in the rural southeast corner of the state.

Trump weighed in with a recorded message pitching the former state Supreme Court chief.

In Midland City, Moore met cheering supporters. “We’re Alabama. We’re Republican. And we’re not going to stand by and let other people from out of state and money from California control this election,” he told them.

Jones stumped in Birmingham and Montgomery, targeting core Democrats but also inviting Republicans to follow the lead of the state’s senior GOP senator, Richard C. Shelby, who snubbed Moore by writing in another candidate.

A Jones victory would cut the Republican’s tenuous Senate majority to 51 to 49 and give Democrats a significant boost in their long-shot effort to take control in 2018.

Los Angeles Times


One thought on “Sex criminal vs. #Leftist: Who will #Alabama voters pick?

  1. Lets be honest here folks.. Doug ain’t going to be winning a seat in the Senate.. Alabama voted Trump by 29% and is the big RED state. This is mostly a pony show ginned up by the media.. Moore will win fairly easily.
    A demoRat who’s for gun control, killing babies and would work with Chuckie to undermine Trump and his agenda will not be happening any time soon in Alabama.


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