Sex criminal #SanDiego deputy routinely stalked and violated women

Screenshot 2017-12-14 at 09.35.54.pngMaybe the bright pink running lights on her aging Honda are what drew attention from the sheriff’s deputy whose cruiser was passing the parking lot, K.P. isn’t sure.

“Clearly, I’m a woman,” she said in a telephone interview this past week.

The cruiser made a swift U-turn and lurched into the parking lot, just behind K.P. What followed was a 12-hour ordeal that left the 29-year-old hotel worker shaken to this day.

According to a San Diego Superior Court lawsuit filed last month, the woman identified only through her initials was repeatedly groped by Deputy Richard Fischer.

The brutality didn’t end with the first encounter.

“Fischer would drive by K.P.’s home slowly at night, shining his lights into her home ensuring that his presence there was known,” the complaint says. “On another occasion,

Fischer pulled up to K.P. while she was at a stoplight, revved his engine loudly next to her, then raced past her when the light turned green and flickered his lights.”

Since K.P.’s encounter with Fischer two years ago, eight more women have come forward with complaints about sexual misconduct by the Sheriff’s Department veteran of almost six years.

San Diego Union-Tribune


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