Hapless #AdamSchiff continues to flail away over near-dead #Russian probe

Screenshot 2017-12-15 at 13.35.19.pngRep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the House Permanent Special Committee on Intelligence, warned Friday on Twitter that Republicans are moving to shut down the panel’s investigation into Russian interference by the end of December.

Schiff noted that committee Republicans have refused to schedule new witness interviews next year. He suggested Republicans may be facing pressure from GOP leaders to curtail the probe, and he warned that doing so would precede an all-out attack by House Republicans on Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mother Jones



One thought on “Hapless #AdamSchiff continues to flail away over near-dead #Russian probe

  1. Please get this bald little creep away from any Mic’s.. The Russian prop IS dead and DOA .. as the President said.. He did not collude with the Russkies.. However.. We have a to of evidence that his hero the Mafia criminal.. Hilda was up to hear fat ears with the Russians and was paid big cash by them to steal 20% of our valualbe Uranium.. Thast the REAL story with the Russians.. Will Att Gen Sessions start a investiagation in to the real criminal.. ??


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