#Islamic propaganda tool gets the red carpet treatment in #Marin

Screenshot 2017-12-15 at 08.39.55Islamic operative Khizr Khan loves to remind young people — or, as he calls them, “our future leaders and heroes” — that children have played an important role in his unexpected 18-month journey from being a low profile Islamic operative to a darling of the extreme Left.

Ever since he fixed his gaze at the camera at the Democratic National Convention in July 2016, speaking directly to candidate Donald Trump and electrifying the nation’s Leftists, Khan has been a global symbol of the Islamic’s war against America.

It’s mesmerizing propaganda…just the kind of stuff Islamics try to spread around as they recruit new jihadists to kill Americans. The Leftists in Marin are eating it up.

San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#Islamic propaganda tool gets the red carpet treatment in #Marin

  1. Yep.. total crackpot and muslim propgandaist who says he’s protecting the constitution , but in reality is pushing for an islamic state within America. Yet the marin leftists ( thats about 80% in Marin as I just moved from there)
    can’t get enough of this guy.


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