#Islamics continue their killing spree

Screenshot 2017-12-16 at 09.32.40.png
Religious death cult continues to riot and kill.

The Israel military said thousands of  Palestinian rioters rolled burning tires and hurled firebombs and rocks at security forces, who responded with riot dispersal munitions and also “fired selectively toward main instigators.”

Palestinians have been clashing with Israeli troops across the West Bank and along the Gaza border. The Islamic militant group Hamas that rules Gaza has called for a new armed uprising against Israel.

Los Angeles Times



One thought on “#Islamics continue their killing spree

  1. Let face it folks, until one side totally Annihilate the otherside we will NEVER have peace between these two states in the middle east.. I’m betting my money on the Israeli’s to finish the job.. These bums in Palestine have no jobs , no future, no education and all they can babble about is kill, kill kill all the Jews.. I’m really, really tired of this BS.


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