More #Uber crimes surface

Screenshot 2017-12-16 at 09.54.18.png

A damning letter written by the lawyer for a former Uber security manager claims that the ride-hailing company secretly spied on rivals; destroyed, concealed and falsified evidence; and engaged in other illegal behaviors like wiretapping.

The letter, which put the brakes on a trial scheduled to begin this month in a case in which a sister company of Google alleged that Uber stole its self-driving car secrets, was made public Friday.

Also Friday, a special master appointed by a federal judge filed a scathing report saying Uber should have submitted the letter as part of the lawsuit.

The letter chronicles clandestine intelligence-gathering by Uber worldwide, particularly by units of its San Francisco-based Threat Ops division, which “frequently engaged in fraud and theft, and employed third-party vendors to obtain unauthorized data or information,” the letter said.

The letter follows on the heels of at least five federal investigations of Uber’s practices.

San Francisco Chronicle


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