#BobCorker cashes in

Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 07.53.19Democrats desperate to disturb the gathering momentum for Republicans’ tax cuts adopted the “Corker kickback” as their battle cry. The target, Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, and others argued vehemently that a provision likely to favor his particular investments was not what persuaded him to drop his opposition to the bill last week.

The trouble for him, many of his fellow Republican lawmakers, and President Trump is that the legislation would, in fact, enrich them while doing less or nothing for the causes they claim to represent, including fiscal responsibility and the working and middle classes.

Corker, the only Republican who voted against the Senate’s version of the bill, may well have been motivated instead by pressure to go along with legislation that looks increasingly unstoppable. But he announced his change of heart on the day that House and Senate negotiators unveiled a compromise bill with added benefits for real estate holdings — a boon to Corker.


San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#BobCorker cashes in

  1. stop it.. The Tax bill is gong to be good for everyone except the rich. They are going to be either paying more or the same. This bill is aimed at redeucing the massive taxes that both parties have laid at the feet of the middle class. The DemoRats have been using the middle class as an ATM machine for years and wiping them out with ObamaCAre and other socialist programs.. If everyione will stop whining like babies, and read the bill, they will be very impressed.. Right now, the Dem’s are howeling as they are once again losing and getting their butts kicked by President Trump. The new tax bill will benefit everyone with jobs and about $4,000 per family more.
    Don’t believe the hype folks.


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