Cry-baby California howls about tax plan

Screenshot 2017-12-19 at 08.35.15With California’s governor lambasting the Republican tax overhaul as an ugly “monstrosity,” a new statewide poll found the widespread perception that the bill will hurt the state.

The survey, released late Monday by UC Berkeley’s Institute for Governmental Studies, shows 52 percent of Californians believe the federal legislation will adversely affect the state, while just 17 percent say it will have a positive impact. Fourteen percent don’t foresee the tax plan changing much in California. Republicans were split, 33 percent negative to 33 percent positive, over how it will impact the state.

The general view that the law is bad for California could haunt GOP officials and candidates in next year’s midterm elections, poll director Mark DiCamillo said in an interview.

“That may have the longer-term impact if you are looking at political ramifications,” DiCamillo said of the results. “They are going to have to defend themselves.”

Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Cry-baby California howls about tax plan

  1. Kaly is out of control and needs to damn good spanking. We should not have to pay for the Kaly’s crazies love of Marxism. and taxes. The result could be something entirely different.. How about this. The average Kaly citizen starts paying attention for once and starts electing more moderate canidates who will either stop raisng the thier taxes OR, politicans will start to run on REFORMING Kaly’s out of control taxes so they don’t have to pay such asinine taxes to Jerry. They just aren’t getting their monies worth and it’s just delicious to hear Jerry and his thugs scream in pain. They might well know that the electorate is about to end their tax spree if they have to eat the state taxes they pay instead of deducting them to continue the Socialsim that is wiping out the middle class in Kalyfornia.


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