2018 should be great for illegal immigrants in California

Screenshot 2017-12-20 at 08.53.11.png2018 will be a great year if you’re a non-citizen living in California illegally.

Three new laws will make it easier for you to fly under the radar and avoid prosecution for violating American sovereignty.

First, California is a ‘sanctuary state.’ That means the police won’t turn you over to federal immigration authorities. In fact, they can’t even ask you about your immigration status. Voila! You’ve gotten an free ride to de facto citizenship without all the hassles of waiting in line for a green card.

If that wasn’t good enough, you landlord can’t drop a dime on you either. Gone are the bad old days when you missed a rent payment and your landlord turned you in to ICE. If they do, they, not you, are the ones the cops haul away.

Finally, if ICE is coming to your workplace, your boss has to let you know about it 72 hours in advance. So you get three days warning and you can call in sick just before ICE arrives. If your boss screws this up, he goes to jail and shares a cell with your landlord.

Welcome to California.




One thought on “2018 should be great for illegal immigrants in California

  1. GREAT NEWS indeed. That means the illegal aien criminals will be flocking to Kaly from other states and ICE will have them concentrated all in one spot !! MAGA !! It makes ICE’s job mucho easier.


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