Free money! California to give millions to electric car buyers

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California wants more environmentally friendly vehicles on the road so much so that the state has approved $663 million to do just that.

The main purpose of the funding approved by the California Air Resources Control Board, or CARB, is to eliminate diesel emissions.

The Fiscal Year 2017-18 Funding Plan for Clean Transportation Incentives calls for more investment in zero-emission heavy-duty trucks and buses, as well as zero-emission freight facilities.

It also adds funds to existing programs that offer vehicle rebates for people interested in zero-emission and plug-in hybrid cars. Most of the funds come from California’s cap-and-trade program.

Around $125 million is set aside to get clean cars and buses into disadvantaged communities affected by the worst air pollution in the state.

Capitol Public Radio


One thought on “Free money! California to give millions to electric car buyers

  1. IT’s beautiful to watch jerry and his gang slowly but surely cause a beautiful state to look like Venezuelwa and the resulting poverty.. But hey, your poverty ain’t their concern, ONLY the agenda and a collasping economy is all that matters …. You nevver know, the new tax bill that makes Kalys resident PAY the real cost of Jerry’s Socialsim .. Maybe this will force the voters to look at less radical 60’s enviro’s when they go to vote. The Kaly GOP has a golden opportunity again to point ot the differnces and take advantage of these morons agenda and stop their super majority.


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