#Islamics flood into #GreatBritain…to kill

Screenshot 2017-12-20 at 08.57.19.pngThe brother of a suicide bomber killed in Iraq has been jailed for 10 years for terror offences.

Mohammed Awan, from Huddersfield, was sentenced after being found guilty of preparing for terrorist acts and possessing material likely to be useful to a terrorist.

The 24-year-old was jailed for 10 years.

Awan’s brother Rizwan Awan killed 30 people in a bomb blast in Iraq in 2016.

Judge Paul Watson QC said he believed Awan was “to a very large extent radicalised by the actions” of his elder brother.

Ya think???

Passing sentence at Sheffield Crown Court, Judge Watson said: “I am completely satisfied that you had intentionally adopted an outwardly innocent and respectable persona with the clear intention that, at some future point, you would be able to perpetrate a terrorist act without being detected.”

Awan, a fourth-year dentistry student at the University of Sheffield, was arrested by anti-terror police in June after purchasing 500 ball bearings online.

During raids on his family home in Rudding Street, Huddersfield, and a flat in Dun Street, Sheffield, officers recovered a “significant volume” of extremist material, including advice on how to be a “sleeper cell” in the West.

Police also seized 11 mobile phones, 16 USB memory sticks and seven computers.
One memory stick contained a 36-minute video of a senior al Qaida leader calling on young Muslims to join so-called Islamic State (IS) and featured graphic footage of how to kill and kidnap victims.

On a mobile phone, officers found images of the Boston Marathon bombing and a man wearing an orange jumpsuit about to be executed.

BBC News


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