Californians love taxes, they should be happy with tax reform

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As President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans congratulate themselves for passing their corporate tax cut bill, California policy experts are left to contemplate ways to ease the pain for working California families.

All of the sudden, the elites who have been raising taxes and fees on Californians for decades have become tax fighters. It’s the real #taxscam.

Quickly forgotten in the crusade against President Trump and his tax bill is the fact that  more than 63 percent of the voters last year approved Proposition 55, which added upper income tax brackets to the state Constitution.

Then there’s the gas tax which just spiked, nailing every California motorist.

California voters need to sit back and be happy they have another chance to pay more taxes to the government.  It’s how they roll.

Sacramento Bee




One thought on “Californians love taxes, they should be happy with tax reform

  1. Yep, these people have to PAY for the cost of their Socialism.. If the crazies in Kaly love Sociaslim, then they need to pay their fair share of creating the west coast version of Venezuela and the poverty, misery and crime.
    No worries follks, Jerry and his legislature have 24-7 armed guards and make a fortune every pay day while you pay for their attempt to create the Utopia Karl Marx wrote about.


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