Poll: #DianeFeinstein is in trouble

Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 08.44.39.pngA new poll suggests that Dianne Feinstein losing her ironclad grip on her Senate seat.  In short, she’s in trouble, big trouble.

Just 41 percent of likely California voters back the 84-year-old, five-term incumbent in her bid for re-election, six months before the 2018 primary.

The poll was released Wednesday by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies.

Senate leader Kevin de León, who received support from 27 percent of voters. Nearly a third of respondents, 32 percent, said they were undecided, leaving de León plenty of room to maneuver in the coming months.

For Feinstein to drop below 50 percent “shows weakness and vulnerability, much more so than in any of her past re-election campaigns,” said Mark DiCamillo, the head of the IGS poll.

The high number of undecided voters and Feinstein’s anemic numbers could be a big motivator for billionaire Tom Steyer and other candidates, said David McCuan, a political science professor at Sonoma State.

“She should be farther ahead,” McCuan said. “Someone outside of politics has to be encouraged to at least test the waters.”

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One thought on “Poll: #DianeFeinstein is in trouble

  1. Given the choice of a crooked old San Fran Politcan or a corrupt Mexican national who brags that his family is here illegaly and using false ID’s.. I’d have to go with the Old San Fran Politcan. If there was actually a Repub who could make a case for his or her election.. I’d raher go with that.. But.. Many might just chose to leave that spot on the ballot… blank !! Neither deserve the honor of representing Kalys..


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