#Sacramento has turned into crime hell

Screenshot 2017-12-21 at 08.05.48.pngIt didn’t used to be like this. Sacramento was once a sleepy, quiet, delightful place to live and work. Now it’s crime hell.

In an enforcement effort that stretched from San Francisco to Sacramento, police agencies have made 29 felony arrests and seized 211 firearms in what they’re calling a multi-agency operation targeting gang violence in the city and county of Sacramento, the Sacramento Police Department announced Wednesday.

The operation was triggered by an August drive-by shooting during an afternoon rap video shoot in Meadowview that left five injured and one dead. Community activists said the shooting was likely related to an online feud between Sacramento rappers and the gangs that follow them.

Sacramento police officials say two rival street gangs have been feuding in Sacramento since 2015, though they would not identify them by name Wednesday.

Sacramento Bee


One thought on “#Sacramento has turned into crime hell

  1. Didn’t these pricks go through the 10 day waiting period and background check like HONEST citzens do.. 200+ firearms.. really.. What about Leon and Jerry’s draconian gun laws designed to stop these creeps from getting guns..oohhh.. wait. The law only applies to those who obey it. You can see Kaly slipping back into the 19th century with gangs, killings, robbery, ALL due to the assinine AB50-Prop47 & 57.. Lettting them all out to go back to their criminal jobs.. Thank You Kaly cirzens for voting for these crackpots and the catch and release laws they pass to let their voters back onto the streets to kill and maim. !!


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