Santa Clara dams just as bad as Oroville

Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 09.12.26.png

The spillways at three dams located near densely populated communities around San Jose have structural problems that are similar to the flaws that led to the failure of the main spillway at Oroville Dam last February, recently completed technical reports show.

The concrete spillways at the Guadalupe Dam and Calero Dam, both built in 1935 in the hills south of San Jose, have extensive cracks, flawed joints, and in the case of Guadalupe, gaps of up to 15 inches deep between the bottom of the spillway and the bedrock underneath.

While the prospect of a wall of water wiping out parts of San Jose is indeed alarming, officials say the spillways would only pose a risk if the South Bay is inundated for months with rain filling the reservoirs to their brims. That’s a rarity, although it happened last year at Anderson, Santa Clara’s largest dam.

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One thought on “Santa Clara dams just as bad as Oroville

  1. OR.. if there’s a earthquake.. That one is much more likely.. You have to wkinder what Jerry and his thugs do with the BILLIONS they steal in taxes.. Were does it go besides the 20 billion a year they spend on their voting block.. the illegal aliens….Roads falling apart, potholes, Orville Dam almost goes bust and now these damns are very probably going to give out if there is a storm system like last years Atmospheric Rivers that pounded the state.


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