Senators sex crimes cost taxpayers millions

Screenshot 2017-12-22 at 08.29.02Senate Rules Committee Chairman Richard Shelby says in a statement that workplace harassment shouldn’t be tolerated, “particularly not in the United States Senate.”

What a joke that is!

The Senate has paid nearly $1.5 million in taxpayer money over the past two decades in what senators say were harassment settlements.

Naturally the two-page release reveals no names of lawmakers or victims and few details.

It says $599,000 was for 13 settlements involving “member-led” Senate offices. The remaining $853,000 was for 10 settlements involving “other” Senate offices.

The payouts weren’t just for sex crimes. The document says the largest settlement was $421,000 and was for “race discrimination and reprisal.” Taxpayers are paying for the bad behavior of racists too.

Associated Press


One comment

  1. Not many people know that Congress has exempted itself from Civil Rights laws and work codes.. In Kaly 10 years ago, the same creeps that are banning guns and ammo actually exempted themselves from the gun laws they passed against their fellow citizens. aka.. think Assault Weapons and Saturday night Specials !!!
    The Swamp is being drained and exposed thanks to President Trump MAGA !!!


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