Despite the plot to blow up #Pier39, #SanFrancisco wants more #Islamics


One thought on “Despite the plot to blow up #Pier39, #SanFrancisco wants more #Islamics

  1. The Travel Ban.. ONLY applies to 9 muslim countries that supply the vast majority of muslim terrorists.. NOT most of muslim countries as the article says.. Bad facts.. get them right .
    Once again we are watching crackpot judges , ALL appointed by Obama or Klintoon, who are using their lousy politics to block a law that clearly gives ANY President, the right to stop any grp or individual from entering America for as long as the President see’s fit. Bush used it, Comrade Barry used and and not one peep from the creeps. The courts are fully aware that the Supremes have said it’s fine ln their Dec 4th ruling. The demoRat’s are running screen plays, but will lose and they know it. The Obama Muslim Admin is losing and watching in despair as ALL it’s plans and programs designed to turn America into a Muslim counry with the Dem’s in charge are being dismantled.. MAGA !!!!!!


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