#Sacramento’s homeless gulag is becoming a reality

Screenshot 2017-12-23 at 08.18.05.pngThe first 50 of about 200 homeless people who will occupy a homeless gulag  on Railroad Drive in North Sacramento arrived Friday, Dec. 8. The shelter has sparked controversy among nearby residents and business owners.

It has become a grim Christmastime ritual. Amid the cheer of twinkling lights, homeless people and remorseful politicians file into the pews of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral every December to mourn the men, women and children who continue to die on the streets of Sacramento County.

Last year, the death toll was about 80 people, including a 28-year-old pregnant homeless woman who was hit by a car. Mourners dedicated an ornament to her unborn child.

This year, the number is a shocking 112 – the most ever recorded by the Sacramento Coalition to End Homelessness. Two of the men who passed away did so on the cold concrete outside Sacramento City Hall, one of them huddled with only a small red blanket to keep warm.

Sacramento’s answer, heard them all into a gulag.


Sacramento Bee


One thought on “#Sacramento’s homeless gulag is becoming a reality

  1. Soo ,.. whats the answer.. leave them on t street.. Where’s Red Jerry on this.. They don’t vote demoRat, so he doesn’t care.


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