Brutal drivers mercilessly run down black bears in #Yosemite

Screenshot 2017-12-24 at 08.50.19.pngThe San Francisco Chronicle reports that as the bear population increases throughout California, roadway collisions with black bears have become an alarming fact of life.

At least 27 have been hit by vehicles in Yosemite this year, continuing a disturbing trend on mountain roads and highways around the state, which has seen at least 100 collisions this past year, wildlife officials said.

You’d think people would slow down in the nations parks. They don’t. Instead they drive with same reckless abandon that the do around town. With the same murderous results.

The number of collisions this year mirrors last year despite a park-wide effort to address the problem, which includes numerous signs and a public information campaign.

A handful of the bears hit by cars this year were later found dead, but nobody knows the fate of many of the others. The actual number of bear collisions is probably much higher, Yosemite officials said, but a great many of the crashes are not reported by drivers.


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