#CPUC rats let #PG&E off the hook…again

Screenshot 2017-12-27 at 07.33.08.pngThe rats at the California Public Utilities Commission are going to bat once again for their favorite patron, Pacific Gas & Electric.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that following a year of devastating California fires, the CPUC just approved new rules that will require utilities to have more clearance between power lines and vegetation.

California spent the last half of 2017 in flames, confirming that the California Public Utilities Commission’s adoption of new regulations to improve fire safety is basically eyewash. The CPUC should have demanded PG&E take these steps years ago.

Now, after the fires, PG&E and other utilities will be required to increase the minimum clearance between electrical equipment, including power and transmission lines, and trees and other vegetation.

Thanks for nothing,


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