#OrrinHatch helped #Utah suck up billions of federal dollars – now they hate him

Screenshot 2017-12-27 at 06.43.00After sucking up billions of federal dollars over the last several decades, Utah’s biggest newspaper anointed the state’s longtime Republican senator, Orrin G. Hatch, as its “Utahn of the year,” a distinction that came with a nearly full-page photo on the paper’s front page on Christmas Day.

The senator seemed to appreciate the recognition, tweeting an image of the front page and thanking the Salt Lake Tribune for “this great Christmas honor.”

But the Tribune’s distinction wasn’t exactly an honor, in the strictest sense of the word according to the gleefully spiteful Washington Post.

Along with a news article and the photo, the newspaper published a scathing editorial that took aim at the senator’s recent record, most notably his part in the Trump administration’s decision to shrink two national monuments in the state, and said that the designation was meant to anoint the Utahn who had had the most impact, “for good or for ill.”

Hatch, who is the Senate’s longest-serving member with 42 years of service, has long been one of the staunchest conservatives in the chamber. He was seen as one of the driving forces behind President Trump’s decision to shrink the two national monuments by about 2 million acres.



One thought on “#OrrinHatch helped #Utah suck up billions of federal dollars – now they hate him

  1. Trump DID NOT shrink the Public Lands by 2 million. He RESTORED the Public Lands back to the people of America. For too long, Presidents come in with donation money from small crackpot Enviro grps and they steal the public lands using various federal laws. Once the land recieves antiquities staus.. You can’t even walk on it and most of it is off limits to almost any kind of use. President Trump now has made the land once again avalible for ALL to use… Not just a bunch of far left Enviro’s. What President Trump has done is make small areas with Antiquities value protected… nothing else. When they use this law to steal two MILLION acres and block it from public use.. It’s call theft. Why not ask the people who live on it or near it what they think.. Not just the big city Enviro’s who want no one using public lands. President Trump is taking back the War on Public Lands and returning it to whom it actuially belongs To.the People. !! MAGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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